Quality Assurance

Mould design inspection:

With precise analysis,foreseeing rationality analysis for mould design,best processing anslysis and mould structure application,it offers the most professional solutions with the most suitable mould performance and technical specification as customer required.
The inspection covers many aspects,such as mould intensity,mold-flow analysis,mould ejection,cooling system,rationality of guiding system,application of mould spare parts' specification,customers' machine selection and special requirement application,etc.


Processing quality control:

To control the size precisely,self-inspection on each tooling spare parts according to the requirements of drawing size and tolerance limits control.Onlly pass the inspection,can the spare parts delivered to the next working step.It is not allowed to make previous wrong work piece inflow to the next tooling steps.After tooling,we will check up and control the precision by 3D coordinate measurement.We have many measures: professional tooling technology training and machine maintenance,self-inspection of tooling work piece and acceptance check made by quality department and tooling control system.


Qaulity inspection of Mould installation:

Inspection on mould to ensure the structure consistence and spare parts standardized.Project manager and QC people should all take part in mould inspection under the company standard,and make sure  the product quality.If mistakes are found,they can  be corrected promptly.It also can prevent mistakes.In  addition,we will simultaneously do independent standardization  test on mould cooling system,mould hydraulic oil channel system  and hot runner system.


Acceptance inspection on sample size and mould size:

QC department should make product inspection and submit the test  report 24 hours after mould testing.Report should include full range test and analysis on product size,appearance,injection techniques and Physical  Parameter.We use different inspection standard and tool for different  products.We have accumulated abundant experience,which applies in mould production and offer good solutions for customers.Along with  our continuous improvement on equipments and measuring and test instruments,our product inspection tends to be more professional.

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